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" I own a small business and suspected one of my drivers of doing non-work related stuff on company time. I also wanted to be able to run quick simple reports to see where, when, and how long my vans were stopped. I installed the OBD units in all 3 of my vans and got the answers I was looking for. Great product...exactly as advertised. Highly Recommend! "
- Molly Prescott
Small Business Owner
Occasional Flowers
CoCaptain Marine

A new edition to our product line, the InTouch CoCaptain Vessel Tracker is an ideal solution for theft deterrent/recovery and also for the weekend boater who wants peace of mind when they are not around.

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Popular Features Include:

Notifications when your vessel leaves or returns from your dock and/or home.
High level bilge alert via text message and email.
Engine run-time maintenance alerts via text message and email.
Cabin Intrusion Alarm.
Breadcrumb location trail.
Theft Recovery.
Real-Time Location.

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The CoCaptain utilized our vehicle tracking web platform to give you your vessel's real-time location and status.

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