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" I own a small business and suspected one of my drivers of doing non-work related stuff on company time. I also wanted to be able to run quick simple reports to see where, when, and how long my vans were stopped. I installed the OBD units in all 3 of my vans and got the answers I was looking for. Great product...exactly as advertised. Highly Recommend! "
- Molly Prescott
Geofencing Reporting

Geofencing allows you to set a virtual boundary around a specific geographic location.This facilitates tracking the whereabouts of a vehicle easily, ensuring that a company’s mobile employees stay within the boundaries of efficiency, or your teen stays within the boundaries of safety. Whenever the pre-defined perimeter or fence is crossed, an SMS (text message) which includes the position of the vehicle is sent to the authorized number.
Fleet managers especially find this feature useful as geofencing improves their capability to:
  • Manage a fleet of vehicles within a region
  • Limit fleet travel and sales regions to specific routes
  • Provide advance warning of arrival at customer sites, thereby eliminating delays
  • Prevent crossing of city, state, or region borders
  • Monitor arrival and departure schedule
The user friendly interface makes setting geofences a cakewalk, which can be performed in the following steps:
  • Enter the address to be geofenced
  • Set the geofence to be account wide or device specific
  • Very the address by previewing it in a map view
  • Finally, clicking create geofence

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