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" My son (new teen driver) got 2 speeding tickets in his first month of driving. I plugged in the InTouch CoDriver OBD unit and now I get a text message instantly if he goes over a speed I set in the system. Exactly what I was needing. Thanks! "
- Steve Bellowits
GPS Tracking Fleet Management

Ensuring best possible utilization of resources is the prerequisite for fleet managers if they are to maximize fleet utilization. This requires not only the information about where your vehicles are, where they're going but also data related to any unsafe operation like speeding,prolonged stops, after hours usage among others.

Our CoDriver GPS tracker coupled with our powerful web based platform provides exactly such detailed and accurate information to the fleet managers. This, in turn, facilitates preparation of fool-proof fleet management reports ensuring the best possible utilization of resources, thereby deriving maximum efficiency and productivity.

A GPS Fleet Management system helps you achieve all this by:
  • Reducing overall fleet expenses
  • Enhancing accountability
  • Improving security of mobile assets
  • Enabling you meettight deadlines consistently
  • Providing an easy, intuitive Web based user display
  • Allowing you to take charge of your fleet from anywhere, anytime
  • Retain customers by eliminating iteration
Users of our cutting-edge tracking devices have reported significant decrease in fuel costs, communication bills, and overtime accompanied by a corresponding increase in operational efficiencies, customer service and vehicle safety. GPS fleet management allows one to monitor and identify in real time, any behaviors that reduces productivity, including fuel wastage, vehicle idle times, and speeding.With a GPS fleet management system in place, it is far easier to locate and recover a lost or stolen vehicle.

A number of organizations have reported an enhanced return on investment within weeks of installing a GPS fleet management system. Our solution is beneficial to any industry with tracking and monitoring requirements, be it a car, delivery vans, truck fleets, bus fleets, motorcycles, trailers, or other mobile assets.

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