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" I own a small business and suspected one of my drivers of doing non-work related stuff on company time. I also wanted to be able to run quick simple reports to see where, when, and how long my vans were stopped. I installed the OBD units in all 3 of my vans and got the answers I was looking for. Great product...exactly as advertised. Highly Recommend! "
- Molly Prescott
Marine Vessel Tracking

Our Marine Vessel tracking solution was designed around the bay and inshore boater.
The InTouch CoCaptain Vessel Tracker fits the bill perfectly, serving as an ideal solution for theft deterrent/recovery. With the device installed, accessing real-time location and status of your vessel becomes as easy as it can get.

Prominent features Include:
  • Notifications when your vessel leaves or returns from your dock and/or home
  • High level bilge alert via text message and email
  • Engine run-time maintenance alerts via text message and email
  • Cabin Intrusion Alarm
  • Breadcrumb location trail
  • Theft Recovery
  • Real-Time Location
Instant reports via email or text message are sent every time violation of pre-specified boundaries set by you occurs. Regain your peace of mind as you can now watch the vessel cross the ocean, or reside in port.

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