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" Hey InTouch Crew...just wanted to write a quick note and say thanks. Your customer service has been second to none! My tracking devices are working great. I still can't believe how accurate they are. Keep up the great work and I'm glad I went with you guys! Happy Holidays. "
- John Goldfield
Teen Driving Monitoring - Tracking Teen Drivers with GPS

If you were looking for reliable means and ways of ensuring more safety for your teenage drivers, then you will be pleased to know about our GPS vehicle tracking system. Studies have shown that actively monitoring teenagers driving habits results in improvements by up to 90%. Here is how our system helps youachieve the same results for your teenage son or daughter:
  • Provides real-time information about the location of your teen
  • Instantly notifies you if your teen exceeds a speed limit you set in our online system
  • Notifies you if a certain geographical boundary set by you has been crossed
  • Informs where and how long their vehicle was stopped
  • Data about the miles driven by them each day
  • Easily find them when the vehicle breaks down, or if they need any assistance
  • Recover Lost or stolen vehicles
These devices are not incompetent like the GPS enabled Mobile phones which can be easily switched off. Track the vehicle via a simple, Internet based GPS Tracking System from any PC connected to the Internet.The accurate information can be accessed anywhere, anytime with just a few mouse clicks. Set limits where you think the safety of your teenage driver is being compromised, for example geographical boundaries or speed limits. A text message will be sent to your mobile phone whenever these limits are violated, helping you correct teen driving and improve safety.

Such features are nothing less than a blessing, considering the fact that auto related accidents are the no.1 cause of teenage deaths in the USA. Our GPS vehicle tracking system provides you the information when you need it, where you need it. Proper use ensures more accountability and builds trust. And it may lower your Auto Insurance premiums as well.

Improve your teens driving habits today.

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