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" We bought the InTouch CoDriver OBD Plugin device and are extremely happy with it. It is more accurate than the other device we bought previously. This has given me and my husband the peace of mind we needed with our new teen driver. "
- Sandra Walbirch
Vehicle Speed Monitoring

No more Speeding ticket for your vehicle from now on!

Have you ever been caught by the speed camera? Or has your teen or someone else driving your vehicle been fined a speeding ticket after they pressed the accelerator too hard? If ensuring that the speed of your vehicle stays within a limit you want, even when someone else is driving, then our GPS vehicle tracking device is just the ideal solution for you.

By using these devices, you can set a custom speed limit, on violation of which a real-time speed alert will be sent to your mobile phone and or email. Our OBD (On Board Diagnostics) unit can be used in all 1996 or newer models of cars, small trucks, or SUV etc. Our wired units cover all the rest. Detect the number of instances the predetermined speed limits set by you is being exceeded, or where your drivers are driving fast relative to the actual speed limit.

The high-quality map with an easy, intuitive user interface displayed on your computer screen will help you monitor the distance driven as well as the driving patterns to help reduce the risk of crashes. The improved driving performance resulting from it will also improve the chances of favorable insurance rate decided by the insurance companies.

By using our state-of-the-art product, fleet managers will be in a far better situation to ensure fuel efficiency. On the other hand, concerned parents of teen drivers can actively monitor and help foster safe driving habits. Overall, this is a very cost effective solution for ensuring proper fuel management in relation to speed, while at the same time reducing the odds of accidents.

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